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As we move further into the world of digital convergence in ICT, Schools Computer Club Initiative (SCCI) is implementing initiatives to help our student/pupil community members, and their parents, to better position themselves in this digital era. One of the new initiatives is related to bridging the digital divide, not only between the haves and have not, but also between parents and children. This electronic toolkit presents the core curriculum for SCCI Community Technology Center (SCTC). The courses are designed to develop a basic understanding of the most common productivity tools. This is a dynamic site, lessons will be added as necessary responding to the needs of our trainees and our community.


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Building up student/pupil experts as the workforce of future advancement for tomorrow’s Information andCommunication Technology. It shall seek to ensure acquisition of computer skills, exposure to a real ICT world (seminar, workshops, exhibitions, etc.), impose professional responsibilities on school ICT team leaders, build self esteem for members, and motivate young growing children to embrace the appropriate use of the computer.



1.       Members develop important skills that they can use to further their education and to make them marketable in the job market.
2.     Members learn about how they want to represent themselves and their school to the rest of the world and the impact this  can have.
3.     Members can become ICT leaders in their regular classes, helping other students learn more about how to properly use the computer or the internet. Read more...


AISA MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS   (Africa Information Security Association)

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the organ of the United Nations responsible for Information and Communications Technology issues, sets aside the 17th of May of every year to mark the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) with focus on a very topical theme that addresses current and relevant issues that relate to the application of ICT for development and growth worldwide. AISA is an organ of ITU here in Africa propagating the protection of Children in Cyberspace”.




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