A rewarding and wonderful experience for young growing children.

The SCTC offers a number of workshops open to students, parents and the community in general. The core curriculum of the SCTC's is composed of the following workshops/Projects:

1.  Painting

2.  Drawing

3.  Photo Editing

4.  Office packages

5.  Control and modeling

6.  Science

7.  Maths

8.  Early Years/Key stage 1

9.  Music/Audio

10.Creating Animation

11. Programming

12. Website Design

13. Web Safety

14. Parental Control And Monitoring

15. Gaming

Self-paced tutorial manuals for each of the above workshops/Projects are available through the courses.

For specific workshops and activities schedule please fill in the contact form.


As we move further into the world of digital convergence in ICT SCCI is implementing initiatives to help our student/pupil community members, and their parents, to better position themselves in this digital era. One of the new initiatives is related to bridging the digital divide, not only between the haves and have not, but also between parents and children. This electronic toolkit presents the core curriculum for SCCI Community Technology Center (SCTC). The courses are designed to develop a basic understanding of the most common productivity tools. This is a dynamic site, lessons will be added as necessary responding to the needs of our trainees and our community.

If you need additional information or have suggestions on how to improve our services and curriculum please call SCCI at (+234) 805-6000-8595 or  (+234) 173-5216 or fill in the contact form.